Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Whats on my mind !

Chevron Quilt !

That's whats on my mind for a couple of days now...

Dont they look lovely..
and then I stumbled upon this video on how to make a chevron quilt. She makes it seem so simple.
Check it out here.

Also found an Indian site to buy quilting supplies and other craft supplies. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Place New Dreams !

We relocated !
A couple of months back Ikka landed up with a new job at our native i.e Trivandrum.
In normal circumstances I should have been the happiest soul on the planet ! It close to my parents house, it close to his parents house. There's no pollution unlike bangalore. Trivandrum is one of the most beautiful places with lot of beaches (which I soo much love). But Yet I was unhappy ! I was unhappy with his decision to relocate. I protested & fought with no particular reasons to support my stand. I guess I have NewPlaceAnxietyDisorder (Yikee! that would be one of a kind..haha).
Well after all the months of anxiety I am here in Trivandrum. Landed just last week.

Now I am jobless and thats my new problem. What will I do if I dont find a proper job! Then I got 2 jobs.. But the pay is bad. Should I go & join with a lesser salary? I dunno, I have still not made up my mind. Can I become a stay at home wife. I am not so sure that I would make a good house wife.. I dont cook well, I can be painfully lazy at times & my mood swings can be horrible when I dont have anything interesting to do.

But then I have all my varying interests - Painting, Singing, Decorating, Crafting, Sewing. Ideally I should not be idle at anytime. Thats when I realised I have so much of setting down to get done at our new home.
I have to setup an entire home. Make it my home !

And staying home can be great for Richu. I'll get to take care of him better. Be there for him , teach him some nice things, play with him, take him to school. I seldom find enough time for him when I go to office. I am mostly tired and exhausted by the time I get home, so I guess this is redemption time for all the time I couldn't spend with him.

Wonder how our minds works. Even when we have everything we tend to brood on the smaller things we could have. I guess it time to stop worrying & start Living.

Just came up with some initial sketches to decorate my new home !
What do you think?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fix a zipper

Wow... I am so excited... Just fixed a zipper. My jewelry box is made of cloth and had a zipper. Recently the zipper pull couldn't close the zipper anymore. I was disappointed and though of ways to fix it.I thought  probably i'll have to replace the zipper. But then the ever reliable google came to my rescue.
Check out this extra simple video which tells you how to easily fix a zipper just by using a plyer. I tried it and it worked!
Now I can start using my jewelry box again :)

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